Monday, March 17, 2014

Green beats Rainbow

The "green" beat out the "rainbow" in the clash between the St. Patrick's day parade and the LGBT agenda.

As you may know, for years the LGBT agenda has been trying hard to force its immorality upon the St. Patrick's day celebration, mainly the parade.  They have whined and protested claiming it to be "homophobic" for not allowing them to march under their banner.

The parade organizers have a clear policy of not allowing ANYONE with any partisan agendas or political views to march.  This includes even pro-life groups, etc.  Despite this, the LGBT wanted to play the victim card.  The parade allows anyone to march, just not with banners or representing partisan agendas.

Some mayors decided to boycott parades. See:  The actions of these mayors will be felt in the next elections for showing that they are only representative of specific groups and not all.  Some beer companies also pulled sponsorship which will eventually hurt their sales.  In any event, drinking alcohol is not a good thing so they are doing the nation a favor by cutting down on their product promotion and sponsorship.

Parades throughout the nation went well despite protests and attempts by the LGBT to invade the parade.  Many were arrested for their disturbance of the peace and other illegal activities.


1 comment:

  1. Good to learn that everything went well on the Big Day, although it's a shame the extreme element representing LGBT or gay rights tried to hijack the festivities and parade to promote their agenda, and in such a disorderly manner. They're no better than spoiled brats, I'm sorry to say. I respect all human beings no matter their sexuality, but I have little or no tolerance for extremist of any kind. Our behavior today is what defines us tomorrow, the LGBT have much to learn and so also a few other people.


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