Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daughter Sues Parents

"I brought you into this world and I can take you out!"

How many times have we heard parents - maybe our own - say this in an attempt to reinforce their authority?

At one point in time this would often settle an argument. However, the times have changed.  Children are being raised by the "village" instead of parents.  Their egos are inflated to the point that they feel entitled.

Psychologists often describe the generation of youth today as the "me" generation.  They are self-centered, egotistical, materialistic, reckless, socio-pathic; the list goes on.

A New Jersey teenager is suing her parents claiming that her parents stopped making her high school tuition payments, kicker her out of their home at 18 and refused to fund her college.  Rachel Canning, the plaintiff is suing to get the court to force her parents Sean and Elizabeth Canning to pay up and care for her needs.


The parents who are the defendants clarified that they set rules to be followed by Rachel which she refused to abide by.  These rules were to do chores, get rid of a boyfriend who was leading her down a wrong path as well as other typical parental rules. Rachel refused and was "emancipated" by her own choice and due to the fact that she turned 18.

The judge in the court during the hearing refused her request which asked for $624 a week for child support, $5,300 for tuition for her Catholic high school, $13,000 legal fees and access to her college fund.  The judge made the right choice.  Rachel has no right to make these silly demands especially how she refused to obey her parents and is of legal age.  Times are changing.  Our youth are stray far and far.  The Fourth Commandment which calls us to 'honor our father and mother' is being pushed aside.


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