Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cardinal Mahoney's Baloney

Once again, Cardinal Mahony has offended Catholics with his lack of prudence.  He tweeted this:

He is obviously indirectly attacking the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI who wanted to bring back the traditions in regards to vestments of our Church which enrich the senses.

Cardinal Mahony is being extremely disrespectful to the Pope Emeritus.  He is causing public scandal by posting these tweets.  Mahony is in no position to criticize or attack the Pope Emeritus especially after documents show that he aided and abetted the ease of sexual predators to go about and abuse minors.  As a matter of fact, while he was in the Conclave, he was named in a case that the Archdiocese settled.

The Pope Emeritus was not being vain by bringing back traditional attire.  God deserves the best man has to offer.  If we can dress up for job interviews, clubs, dinners, dates, weddings and what not; what is wrong with dressing nice for the Lord?  The vestments and other clothing that the clergy wear are not for them, but to show the dignity of the priesthood and the importance of who we are worshiping - God.  I personally use surplices with lace - old school style.

It is unfortunate that Cardinal Mahony would resort to this childish nonsense.  I think I speak for all Catholics by stating that it is better to have a well dressed Pope than a sloppy dressed Archbishop who protected criminals who abused our most precious asset - children.  



  1. Minutes after the election result was declared in the Sistine Chapel, a Vatican official called the Master of Ceremonies offered to the new Pope the traditional papal red cape trimmed with ermine that his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI gladly wore on ceremonial occasions.

    "No thank you, Monsignore," Pope Francis is reported to have replied. "You put it on instead. Carnival time is over!"

    1. Interesting, but how would a reporter find this out?


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