Friday, November 9, 2012

Why did Obama win - Romney lose?

The elections are over.  It was one of the most negative in the presidential election's history.  From accusations of felony and murder, to throwing grandmothers over cliffs, the election had everything but the kitchen sink, so to speak.

Polls would show Obama ahead and others showed Romney.  The race seemed to be nearly tied.  Romney spent millions presenting Obama as a failure.  He did very well on the debates.  So what happened?

It is not news that America is imploding.  Our economy is hanging on a string and the employment rate is disappearing every month.  The country is in disarray.

During the debates Obama repeated the same rhetoric of 2008 and basically blamed Bush for everything.  Bush created such a big mess that he (Obama) needed 4 more years to help fix it.  The problem with this is that Obama added more debt than any president in America's history.  If Bush made a big mess, Obama set that mess on fire creating a disaster.

Romney seemed to counter every point Obama made, but his problem was that he suffered from "Romnesia," as Obama nicknamed it.  Romney constantly moved around on issues.  In one instance he is pro-abortion and in the next he isn't.  In one has no issue with same-sex marriage and in the next he does.  It was like 2 candidates in one.  As Colin Powell stated correctly:  "So I’m not quite sure which Governor Romney we would be getting..." 

Also, Romney did not do much to gain the attention of minorities and women.  He has to understand that for centuries minorities have been forced to see themselves as the "victims of America who need help."  I know this growing up in New York City and seeing how we all were taught in schools to believe that the government was mom and would care for us.

A lot of attention was supposed to be given by Romney to minorities - Latinos in particular.

Women were also a big topic on the campaign.  Unfortunately, colleges pontificate to women that in order for them to be seen as equal to men, they must push for "reproductive" rights.  Pregnancy and children are seen not as blessings, but as a way to make a woman inferior and unequal.  Abortion and contraception is then pushed forward.  The woman becomes the sum of her vagina.  She becomes not a strong intelligent person, but a weak person who defines herself through her ovaries.  It is sad indeed, but they fall for this stupidity.

The "war on woman" as it was labeled was blamed on Romney and Republicans.

The youth were also a large group that voted for Obama.  This was expected.  Obama catered to them and even went on MTV.  Romney hardly gave eye to them.  The youth just like women are taught in universities all kinds of nonsense.  Liberalism and Progressivism are the "correct" path for humanity.  Religion, morals are just superstitious nonsense.  There is "no such thing as universal morality."  This moral relativism is instilled into the youth.  There is no line between right and wrong.  This is why marijuana and same-sex marriage were legalized in some states.  Young people are impressionable.  If they see a rock star personality, they will literally idolize that personality.  Obama is known for his charisma and his "cool" demeanor.  I guarantee that if a famous singer, rapper or someone ran for president and the youth had the majority vote, that famous person would get elected.  The youth would disregard the positions of the candidate and will vote based on popularity.  This is another sad thing.  

Romney's campaign failed to give attention to these groups and address their concerns in a way that was not condescending or sanctimonious.

Obama did give attention to this groups, but by compromising morals and common sense.

Moreover, Bush was reelected in 2004 because of the war on Terrorism.  Americans felt that it didn't make sense to put a new president in during a time of war.  This would have disrupted everything.  What if Kerry pulled out the troops as soon as he took oath?  Most likely, the same was applied to Obama.  Why take out a man who was in the process of cleaning a mess up and put someone in who is new and doesn't know where the broom closet is?

I personally like both Obama and Romney.  I think they mean well, but their ideas need some work.  Obama is African American.  I got emotional when he got elected.  I thought about the slaves, Dr. King and every African American who felt like they were not human or not worth the title of American.  Finally, one of them is in the White House.  It was a historic event that I will never forget.

My issues with Obama are his progressive views.  He is the most pro-Abortion president to ever hold office.  He defends that barbaric act as if it were something sacred.  I applaud Obama for his attention towards health care, but did not like that it was at the cost of religious freedom.  It is wrong for the government to force religious institutions to pay for things their doctrines are not in favor of.  This is a huge breach of separation of Church and State.  Furthermore, I don't like the fact that he continues spending and does not offer any budget to keep the country's finances in order.  His support for same-sex marriage completely disregards how dangerous it will be in society.  It seems like he is pushing for socialism in American.  This is scary indeed.

Romney I liked because he is religious, knows about business and holds on to traditional values.  Unfortunately, his flip flopping hurt him greatly and turned me off as well.  I'm sure he could have helped the nation greatly with his business skills, but what about the other issues?  Will he change his mind one second and then again the next?   Will he at one moment oppose abortion and the next support it?  How about same-sex marriage?  Flip flopping while in the White House would cause some serious confusion and damage to the nation.  

I want a president who knows where he/she stands and does not move from there.  I want a president who respects life, religious freedom, education, marriage, and the value of the dollar.

Obama won and I will pray for him.  May God guide him and bless him always in these hard times.  I pray he will change his views on abortion, marriage, religious freedom and the economy.  Those are the main issues that turn me off about him.    

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