Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day 2012

It is Election day 2012.  People are hopefully taking advantage of their right to vote.  Voting can decide whether we enjoy our rights as Americans or lose them.  

Voting is an important act and should be used wisely. We can elect a good leader or a bad one.  Our conscience and intellect should be properly utilized when voting.  Our choice will have consequences that we will have to put up with and answer to before God when judgment day or death comes.  

As citizens of the United States of America, we all have our individual reasons why we vote either way. However, we must not be selfish by voting for the candidate that will only service our needs.  Instead we should vote for the candidate that will bring about the common good for all not just ourselves. 

Many I am sure will take this voting opportunity to elect some one they feel will better the economy and bring troops home. Perhaps we might vote because of employment, education or even immigration.  Yes, those are excellent reasons to vote on.  
  • We do need an economy to survive in a world that currently uses money to perform trades and transactions. 
  • Yes, we do want peace and our troops home to be with their families and friends. 
  • We do want employment, good education and want to fix the immigration situation.  
However, we must not forget that politicians are known for making promises that are nearly impossible to complete and mainly do so to win over voters. So we cannot rush to judgment on rhetoric or promises alone. We must be informed voters and understand each candidate's ideas and plans and if they are possible before making a choice. 

Unfortunately, some will vote for a candidate because he might be older, stern and has more experience, while others may vote for another candidate because he is African American, popular, and a fresh new face in politics.  But we must stick to the common good and how either candidate will bring about them. 

The current candidates for the presidency of the United States are Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Both offer different ideas on how to get the country going.  Both have good qualities about them and bad ones.  We must look at these and think carefully how either of these men will affect the nation as its president.  

  • Does the candidate value life?  Without human life, none of the other issues would exist.   
  • Does he or she believe life is sacred and precious and must never be aborted or euthanized for any reason? 
  • Does the candidate value Religious Freedom? 
  • Does the candidate value education for all? 
  • Does the candidate value fair economics for all in every social and monetary class? 
  • Does the candidate value the sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman as God and nature intended? 
  • Does the candidate value the nation's citizens and seek to genuinely assist those who are here illegally to become citizens and add to our nation's greatness?
  • Does the candidate value America's customs, its Constitution and laws above him/herself. 
  • Does the candidate always put America's protection first especially in a time of war and terrorism? 

These are some of the questions we must ask when choosing a candidate to vote for. God gave us a conscience so we must put it to use and vote for the candidate that will bring about the common good, not just focus on one area or present an ulterior motive. This is the moral thing to do. 

  • We should not vote for a candidate solely based on gender, color, religion, speaking skills, charisma, voting record, interest in helping the rich or the poor, etc.  
  • Color should not matter, nor speaking skills since speeches are written by others not the candidate. 
  • Charisma is important to draw attention, but the presidency is a serious job and not for a entertainment. 
  • Voting record is important, but those votes are in the past and what matters is the candidate's current platform. 
  • A candidate should be focused on all, rich and poor.
  • Religion should not matter as long as he respects the Judeo/Christian values and views of this nation and does not impose his own doctrines into the government process. 

This election is an extremely important one.  Our nation is going downhill fast and on the road to the situation Greece is facing.  Many of our rights are being restricted, in particular: religious freedom.    

Let us vote for a good candidate who will protect all, the unborn, the born, people of all ages, races, gender, religion, orientation and social class. Let us vote for some one who will follow the law in a moral way and not try to legislate his views from the Oval office and try to rewrite social norms such as marriage or when a person should live and die. 

God bless America and may the best candidate for our current time win and have great success in bringing about the common good.

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