Monday, December 24, 2012

Atheism - a crime against Humanity

Atheism is growing in popularity due to the social media.  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter et. al, provide an atmosphere where people can voice questions and comments they normally would not direct to clergy of any particular faith.

In my life working in the Church, I seldom see anyone approach a priest or deacon and question God's existence.  However, while surfing the net, I see thousands upon thousands of blogs, twitter accounts, facebook profiles all voicing all kinds of questions and comments regarding God.

Why is this?

The internet provides a sense of anonymity among its users.  One can be anyone online.  With so many screen names to choose from, one can simply pick one and do whatever - granted TOS rules allow them.

Because of this, atheists have taken the internet as their temple, so to speak.  In it they gather and pat each other on the virtual shoulder in an attempt to get support they normally would not get in real life.

Now back to why atheism is a crime against humanity.

When I write that atheism is a crime against humanity, I do not necessarily mean that it is some entity that abuses humanity in ways similar to Nazism and the like.  What I mean is that it robs humanity of humanity.

Human beings are distinct creatures on earth.  They are aware of themselves, can think, express themselves via language and other means and feel emotions.  Human beings can also think in abstract ways.  Their brains can think beyond the physical parameters of this universe.

As children, we went through many stages of development.  Piaget gave us certain terms that define these stages.  Infants begin to use their sensorimotor intelligence which allows for them to combine their sensory input with their motor skills in order to make sense of the world.  They assimilate this information and compare it with what they already have processed.  Those ideas are accommodated or adapted to old ideas or even replace them to make new ones.

We thenbegin to use emotions and apply them in appropriate settings by means of self-regulation.  As we advance in age, we begin to "experiment."  By means of preoperational thought, we go through the static reasoning, irreversibility, conservation and animism stages.  In static reasoning, we reason that nothing changes around us.  In the irreversibility stage, we reason that nothing can be undone.  Conservation is the idea that a substance amount remains the same even if its appearance alters.  Animism is the belief that all things are alive in nature, including inert objects.

Play during these years is extremely important.  Archaeologists have found toys dating thousands of years which shows that playing with toys has been a part of human development since man has walked this Earth.  During play, children can use their imagination.  This, alongside animism, helps the child's cognitive abilities expand.  Without this kind of play, children will not develop creativity and abstract thought.  They will solely rely on physicalism as their platform to form thoughts and ideas.  Abstract art, music, even geometry would not be possible since neither exist in the physical realm.

This is where atheism would be a crime against humanity in the developmental sense.  Atheists do not believe in God or the supernatural.  They do not allow themselves the ability to process ideas that are not relative with the physical realm.  Atheism would foster a world based on static reasoning and conservation.

Atheists like to pride themselves in being "rational" and "logical."  They measure all things against "reason" and "logic" in order for it to be truthful and valid for assimilation.  In a sense, they imitate Star Trek's Spock, or his Vulcan race which applies and lives by logical premises.  In the Star Trek series, we see how Spock despite his intelligence, always struggles to understand even the simplest of things.  Star Trek always presents the human being as the real smart one despite having "human qualities" that may appear inferior to other intergalactic species.

Logic and reason are fine.  They serve us well.  The key word is 'serve.'  These concepts exist to benefit us, not the other way around.  We do not exist to be logical or rational in a sense.  To be human is to sometimes do the opposite of what logic and reason tells us.  This is how we experience "thrills."  This is how we learn.  In a world that is stoic in nature, we would not have amusement parks, music, dancing and other forms of entertainment.  We would find those "illogical."  Any such attempt to try these activities would go against one or more logical premises.

Concepts such as emotions, affection and love would not fit in a logical world.  They cannot be measured empirically and are based on introspection so they must be disposed of.  It is no wonder why Spock's race stresses the purging of all emotion.  Emotion is seen as irrational and illogical.  The Vulcans in the series often mock human being's for possessing this "inferior" trait that, according to them, makes them unfit.

Atheism is on the road to this absurdity and repression of humanity.  In a world where atheists would dictate rules and scripts for society, we would see the mental state of individuals plummet.  People will be repressed and will go mad without the ability to use imagination and abstract thought.  Ironically, the Vulcans at a certain age go mad due to repressed emotion and "Vulcan nature."

The vision that atheism and humanism have for the human being is not a good one.  It is one deprived of humanity.  It is a pseudo version of human nature that is destructive.

VMAT2 shows that we are hard wired to seek God and the supernatural.  Our brains are wired to think beyond this universe and into the unknown.  Philosophy, religion, music, art, even physics and mathematics would not exist if we suppress this part of our mind to look beyond the physical.

Atheism would be a crime against humanity.  It will destroy the human race completely, or leave it incapacitated biologically and psychologically speaking.  



  1. "In my life working in the Church, I seldom see anyone approach a priest or deacon and question God's existence."

    Questioning a deity's existence isn't a crime. You seem to just be offended by questioning.

    Also this entire blog seems to dance around the fact that there isn't any evidence to prove the existence of a deity. Rather than provide evidence you just rail at how wrong it is to question and that you think atheists are wrong.

  2. I, as an atheist, would like to say that I'm not an atheist because I despise christianity (or any other religion for that matter) nor it's followers.

    I'm an atheist because I like the idea of having explanations for things that happen everyday. Explanations that I can recreate and test it's validity. The explanation that God created everything just doesn't appeal to me. Does that make me any less able to think in an abstract/imaginatory way? No, it doesn't.

    I have a hard time understanding what makes you feel atheism is so bad? I'm not judging you, nor should you judge me. God lovs everyone, remember?

    I have a question though, how can people say the more "sciency" parts of the bible are true? Science has proven most of them wrong on many occasions, such as the earth being flat, Big bang (read up on cosmic background radiation for proof).

    So, stop judging everyone that doesn't share your belief.

    Have a good day.

  3. I'm an Atheist and after reading this there are a few points I would like to make. He claims Atheist only question religion over the Internet. I went to a catholic school and have been dragged to church, we do question religion in person. We don't scour the Internet looking for constant validation. He claims the lack of creativity and an over reliance on logic will disrupt development in kids, really? Yes put more emphasis on logic but is that bad. He takes it out of proportion comparing us to Vulcans, I dont compare religious people to primal aliens of star trek. Kids being taught fundamental religious values are at greater risk of a bad development. There taught Bigotry, disregard for science and of morals. Claiming Atheist are in somehow harming children is mossinformed. We aren't Satanist we are just a slightly more logical version of you.

  4. As the other people to post have also said I do indeed question the existence of any god to any member of the religious community whether they be a generic christian or a priest, even going as far as to say if I was given the opportunity I would definitely question the existence of god to the pope.

    As for the point about Atheists not having for want of a better word any imagination as your part about play seems to indicate, Atheists don't simply say everything that is not physical is not real therefore no imagination for you. I as a 19 year old still enjoy playing video games even though I know a lot of the things in them is entirely fictional. Atheism will not destroy children playing and turn all people into conformist emotionless robots, simply reject irrational beliefs.

    Now if you are saying in this post that you believe children when playing with a toy dinosaur actually believe that it is a real dinosaur and that they are a giant compared to it, I do see where Atheists may come in and get rid of that belief but they would not stop the child from playing with the toy dinosaur.

    As for the part about VMAT2 as I have seen that mentioned in several of your posts, Hammer (the guy that published the study about VMAT2)
    said in his book "Just because spirituality is partly genetic doesn't mean it is hardwired." (admitedly that quote is grabbed from this wiki page however it is sourced there, ). On top of that the actual study he published is incredibly contriversial and is yet to be published in any credible scientific journal. So as such what you have said about VMAT2 is basically an outright lie.


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