Friday, January 26, 2024

Pope Francis Confirms No Blessings for Gay Unions ONLY Imperfect Individuals

Pope Francis today confirmed to the Vatican Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith that the recent declaration Fiducia Supplicans does not endorse blessing gay couples or unions, but the people or individuals. He also added that perfection is not needed to request and receive a blessing. There were his words:

"...the intention of pastoral and spontaneous blessings is to concretely show the closeness of the Lord and the Church to all those who, finding themselves in different situations, ask for help to carry forward - sometimes to start - a journey of faith. I would like to briefly underline two things: the first is that these blessings, outside of any context and form of a liturgical nature, do not require moral perfection to be received; the second, that when a couple spontaneously approaches to ask for them, the union is not blessed, but simply the people who together have requested it. Not the union, but the people, naturally taking into account the context, sensitivities, places where they live and the most suitable ways to do it."

Since its release, Fiducia Supplicans has caused an uproar around the Catholic Church and even in other denominations who looked to the firm stance of the Catholic Church against homosexuality as their support.  Upon its release, the secular media immediately posted headlines that the Pope approved the blessing of same-sex unions. Some alleged Catholic accounts on social media and even Catholic priests who adopt leftist views were celebrating the document claiming the Church was now going to bless same-sex unions. This was far from the truth.

See our previous posts on Fiducia Supplicans here:


The confusion caused the majority of Catholic bishops to reject the document and firmly state that they would not have their priests bless any same-sex couples.  As you can see above in the X (formerly Twitter) posts by alleged Catholic and Franciscan University alumni Thomas Polega, some jumped to conclusions posting falsehoods about Fiducia Supplicans. Perhaps they did not read the document or simply believed the headlines from the secular media.   

Again, the Catholic Church cannot bless sin. A same-sex couple is a manifestation of sin because it defies God's plan of a male and female complemented union.  Only a male and female can love each other, get married, and be open to children. Other unions are just imitations of this and are not willed by God.  

The Catholic Church can bless any imperfect sinner as the Pope stated, but she cannot bless any unions however irregular; only the individuals within those unions.  We at Sacerdotus are glad that the Holy Father has clarified this. Hopefully, Thomas and others who adopt a leftist stance can truly grasp how the Catholic Church works.

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