Monday, October 11, 2021

Bishop Barres Removes CNN's Fr. Beck's Faculties

 Bishop Barres bishop of the Rockville Centre Diocese has removed Fr. Beck of the Passionist order and regular on CNN from functioning as a priest in his diocese. ON their part, the Passionists are inquiring as to why this was done and have stated that they will be leaving the diocese's parish St. Therese church on the feast day of St. Paul of the Cross on October 19. 

Parishioners of the parid were told on October 6 of the order's decision to pull out of the parish and its trustees are upset. They are calling for answers from Bishop Barres and the diocese. The diocese claims that they had a written agreement stating that Fr. Beck's faculties would expire in August. However, the Passionists dispute this claiming, "It had not been, nor was it ever stated that Father Beck would be in Montauk for just a year." 

Faculties are the canonical/legal term for a cleric's powers to function as a priest within a diocese. While a priest is ordained forever, he cannot function as a priest without permission from a bishop. It is like a police officer who can only function as a cop when he or she has his or her badge and is in good standing. 

Fr. Beck is concerned over the decisions and rightfully so. The removal of faculties is often interpreted as a punishment against a priest who did wrong. In today's age, sexual abuse is the first thought many minds cross when they hear that a cleric lost his faculties. By the diocese not giving a reason, Fr. Beck is concerned for his reputation. 

The parish Fr. Beck is being removed from has been suffering due to poor leadership according to parishioners. The Passionists were allowed to work at the parish to bring some stability. Clearly, parishioners love their presence there and are upset over the order's decision to leave the parish due to the diocese's removal of Fr. Beck's faculties.  

Let us pray for all parties involved and for a resolution. 

Source: Father Edward Beck on Twitter: "Some news New York diocese's unexpected removal of popular CNN priest roils parish | National Catholic Reporter" / Twitter

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