Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nation of Islam Scam Artist 'Brother Khalil Abdul Muhammad' Arrested

As if losing a son is not enough, Leandra Guzman-Feliz, the mother of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz is facing scam artists. The young fifteen year old boy who was killed over a month ago in the Belmont Section of the Bronx is once again in the spotlight. After his murderers were all caught, the family is facing problems with people trying to scam them. A Nation of Islam member who goes by the name "Brother Brother Khalil Abdul Muhammad" and whose real name is Kenny Young was accused on Monday of starting a fraudulent foundation.  He has been seen next to the family nearly at the onset of the murder.  The foundation is named "Justice for Junior Foundation." It has its own website, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter accounts.  The foundation claims to represent the late teen boy and the cause for justice, but it was never authorized by the parents. 

In fact, as the mother of Junior spoke to WPIX reporters, we can see Khalil Abdul Muhammad approach her and interject as she is questioned about fake foundations.  He claims that he would make a statement on the foundation and that the mom supports it.  She interrupts him and says that she never gave permission and would have to review papers with her lawyers. Muhammad looks visibly nervous on the video when questioned by reporters.  The website he started had a donate button which was later removed after WPIX aired the report.  

The family and supporters have been posting on social media that this man is a scam artist. They also posted images of others who have been profiting over the death of Junior.  Just today, Muhammad was spotted near the bodega where Junior was killed as it reopened under new ownership. He is not wearing his suit this time, but instead has on a track suit and baseball cap.  According to Instagram postings, he and Junior supporters got into an argument and he was arrested.  

The news is troubling due to the fact that the family has to be victimized again by opportunists seeking to profit and seek self-promotion at the expense of the pain and suffering of others.  At first, I thought this man was a detective with the NYPD.  However, after I saw him at the funeral home and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, I figured out that he was part of the Nation of Islam cult.  In fact, at the funeral home, he and other black men in suits and bow ties were blocking me and Protestant ministers present from approaching the family and the casket of Junior.  A friend who escorted me in the home took me to them directly bypassing these Nation of Islam soldiers. At the parish during the memorial vigil, Muhammad and another black man sat in front of me and two NY diocesan priests.  Fr. Jonathan Morris, the pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel welcomed them. 

Please do not donate to any foundation or group claiming to represent Junior, his family or the Justice for Junior moment. The family has made it clear that they have not authorized any foundations or groups.  Please report any such foundations or groups to social media, the police and FBI.  



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