Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie Gard Goes Home to God

The day most of us dreaded has finally come. The baby boy at the center of a parents vs socialized medicine battle has been called home to the Lord. Terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard lost his battle today from his mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. According to a family spokeswoman, the child passed away after machines extending his vital signs were removed.

 Let us pray for his parents and loved ones who must be devastated. Losing a child is not easy. It is not something we overcome overnight or even in a lifetime. The sense of loss remains.

Many of us have many questions. Why would God allow this baby to suffer? Why did He not cure the child? These questions are normal and should be pondered. We may never find an answer to them. All we know is that God works in mysterious ways and that all men, women and children are destined to die one day. How we will die is not specified, only that we will die. Only God can reveal to us the reason behind these horrific deaths. All we can do is trust God and ask Him to comfort Charlie's parents.

 Eternal rest grant to Charlie Gard Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May Charlie Gard through the mercy of God rest in peace.

 Charlie is in heaven. He was baptized and was too young to engage in actual sin. His life will not be forgotten. He will be the cause for change in the United Kingdom and other nations who dictate when a human life deserves to live or not. Rest in peace lil guy.


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