Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holy Thursday

We are now in Holy Week and it is Holy Thursday. Many things happened on this day. However, I will be brief with each. Jesus has His Last Supper. He institutes the Holy Eucharist by breaking bread and passing a cup full of wine to His disciples. This was the first Mass and why a Catholic priest acts in the person of Christ.  The Mass is not Christ crucified again as our separated brethren in the Protestant faith believe.  In the Mass, the sacrifice of Christ is presented again.  He is not crucified again.  Jesus acts in the person of the priest.  The priest is not the one truly officiating at the Mass.  It is Christ who acts in him who does.

Prior to this, Christ washed the feet of His disciples. He cleansed them, prepared them for their mandate or ordination to spread the Gospel around the world. The act of washing their feet is also an example that we all must serve one another.  We must care for one another. This is the commandment Christ gave us. Service is important in the Catholic faith. This is why we have the Works of Mercy. Caring for others does not make us a "Social Justice Warrior" or liberal, it makes us into a true follower of Christ. It is in reaching out to others that the Gospel takes on a living form. 

Lastly, Judas leaves the supper early after Jesus reveals that one among His disciples will betray Him. Many times, we see Catholics leave Mass early. Judas was the first to do this. He had an ulterior motive and was a fake follower of Christ. We must not be like Judas. While there are valid reasons to leave Mass early, we must avoid the temptation to do so when there is no real emergency that warrants our departure.

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