Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feminist gets testy...

Some radical feminist named "Ayesha Sultana" posted some anti-Sacerdotus nonsense on her Facebook.

I do not recall engaging in a discussion with this person despite the accusation of me being a "troll."  I'm assuming this is one of Patricia's friends who took issue with my critique of Radical Feminism which forces women of color to adopt the essentialism of femininity as seen via the experience of the White woman.

Using the handle "Goddess Chaos" on Facebook shows that this individual obviously has a god-complex.  Delusions are not uncommon among those who call themselves "Radical feminists."  Moreover, the anger within must be awful to contain. Ayesha herself states on her Twitter profile that she "blogs angry stuff."

Anyhow, it is fun to see these people laugh away within their safety net on a forum where only they can reply, such as @rnb129 .  This defense mechanism serves them well since they know I will engage them and their ridiculous rhetoric and they obviously do not have the intellectual confidence to return the engagement.  They are always invited to come here to discuss their views with me.  There is no need to post silly facebook status updates behind my back and laugh away like school bullies.   

In any event, thank you Ayesha and company for demonstrating your cowardice and allodoxaphobia.  You have proven my post regarding Radical Feminism!    

I am here whenever you want to discuss your nonsensical Radical Feminist views.  Do not be afraid, I'm only a male right? ;-)  

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