Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fake Sacerdotus Google+ Profiles

Dear friends, there are several fake profiles impersonating my pen name on Google plus.  The person behind this is obviously mentally ill and is trying to tarnish the brand/ministry of "Sacerdotus."  I will be taking legal action against this person if he does not remove the accounts.

The accounts are pretending to be Catholic while posting homophobic comments and harassing others.  It is also posting pro-Trump propaganda.  As you may know, I do not support nor endorse political candidates.  I am not for or against Donald Trump just like I am not for or against Clinton, Obama or anyone else running for office.

See these tweets where I have made it clear that I do not endorse politicians:

In fact, I have voiced opposition to many of his views, as well as, his character on Twitter.   See my exchanges with fellow Catholics who have gotten upset with me (some even blocked) for criticizing Trump:

My mission is to evangelize and engage those who are outside of the Catholic religion or who oppose it; namely, Atheists, Protestants, Muslims, Pagans, Radical Feminists, the LGBTQ etc.  

Google has been made aware of these fake profiles and are investigating.  They will suspend them immediately. 

My real profile was locked by Google for what they consider a "name violation." I wrote a post on this here;  http://www.sacerdotus.com/2016/08/google-censoring-religious-freedom.html.  This is the only profile I used to engage atheists on Google Plus.  I am working to restore it and will notify everyone when it is restored.  Until then, I am not currently using Google Plus for posting or discussing.  

These are the impersonating profiles I have been made aware of so far:









Please report them for abuse and impersonation at:




Most of the profiles have been banned by Google except two.  These are banned:

UPDATE NOVEMBER 4, 2017. This one was suspended today:

UPDATE NOVEMBER 17, 2017. This one was suspended today:

UPDATE DECEMBER 5, 2017. These were suspended today:

UPDATE DECEMBER 6, 2017 This was suspended today:

UPDATE DECEMBER 11, 2017  This was suspended today:

UPDATE DECEMBER 12, 2017  This was suspended today:

one is still up and will hopefully be removed as well soon:

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