Monday, April 15, 2024

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Attacked

In a shocking series of events, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was attacked during a church service in Sydney. The incident, which was captured on video and shared widely, occurred just days after a separate tragedy where six people were fatally stabbed at a Sydney shopping mall. The bishop was among several people injured during the church service attack. A man has been arrested in connection with the incident and is assisting police with inquiries. Some reports claim he is 15. 

Emmanuel gained popularity on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. He attacked it as a "pandemic," described the virus as a mere flu, and said churches were manipulated by Satan.  He has also said Pope Francis is possessed by the devil.

This recent violence has shaken the local community and raised concerns about safety in public spaces. The attack on Bishop Emmanuel, a prominent Christian leader who gained recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic, is particularly disturbing as it took place in a sacred space, a place of worship where people seek peace and solace.

The authorities responded promptly to the incident, ensuring that the injured received medical attention and that the public was kept informed. The New South Wales Police have urged the community to avoid the area as they conduct their investigation.

These events serve as a somber reminder of the unpredictability of such attacks and the importance of security measures in public venues. It also highlights the bravery of those who step in to assist and protect others in times of crisis. The community's response in the aftermath of such incidents reflects the resilience and solidarity among the people, as they come together to support one another and condemn acts of violence.

Bishop Emmanuel is not Catholic. He is a cleric of the Non-Catholic Eastern Church and at one point started his own independent church but later returned into communion with metropolitan Toma Gewargis.

According to reports, the knife failed to open and the bishop suffered just minor facial injuries. Other reports claim the knife was a switchblade and retracted upon striking the bishop while some claim the knife "softened."

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and all those affected by these tragic events. As the situation develops, further details will emerge, providing clarity on the motives behind these attacks and hopefully, measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Here is the video of the attack


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