Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bill 'Rosa' HounSLOW Gets Destroyed On Twitter for Science Illiteracy

After being banned from Twitter while using the account @rosarubicondior for abuse and copyright infringement, Billy Hounslow who uses the stolen alter-ego "Rosa Rubicondior" and pretends to be an atheist is at it again using a new account.  No, this time he is not fixated on me or a Latino high schoolboy. Rather, he is up to his usual ignorant commentary devoid of facts.  Nothing surprises me anymore from this elderly man who is allegedly retired from a health management position and spends his time blogging, tweeting, and writing fictional novels which have dismal reviews.  

Many of you remember "Rosa" from years ago. I challenged him to an honest intellectual debate which he accepted at first and later avoided and ran from.  All of it is documented here: Sacerdotus: Rosa Rubicondior

"Rosa" is one of the most dishonest, disingenuous, and uneducated troll accounts one will ever face on social media.  He will make all kinds of silly claims and rely on himself as an authority. He will defend those claims to the point of getting contentious and abusive. When he gets corrected or embarrassed with facts, he resorts to immature name-calling, slander, libel, and doxing.  This is of course if he did not block you just for contradicting him.  He claims to be an atheist but his content makes atheists look bad. Real atheists have a better grasp of science and philosophy than this elderly bitter and contentious dotard British man who uses his wit and keyboard as a battle arsenal. 

Fear not. He is no threat to anyone but himself and any children who may be near him. As stated before, he has some fixation or fetish with Latino teen boys from high school based on his writings.  He has no intellectual skills and relies on sophism and banal atheistic arguments long destroyed by theologians, philosophers, and scientists. This form of engagement on his part leads to failure and gaffes constantly.  Well, recently, he added to his list of failures and gaffes.  

On April 20, 2021, he posted a tweet that got him roasted and destroyed by Catholics, Protestants, and even other Atheists!  He like many of us celebrated the achievement of NASA flying a small drone on Mars for a few seconds.  While this may not be much of an achievement in the short run, it is in the long run as it tells us more about Mars and how to operate machines capable of aviation.  The problem with Hounslow's (and I emphasize slow for obvious reasons) is that he made a false conflation fallacy in his tweet.  He claims that Science does things or has achievements while Religion does not.  Look at his tweet:

The tweet is hilarious and sad at the same time. It shows the academic sloth and cognitive lethargy typical of "Rosa." Sometimes I feel he may be a Protestant Christian pretending to be an atheist in order to defame atheists or harm atheism.  No serious atheist would tweet such nonsense devoid of historical facts.  If you were offended by the ignorance of this tweet, you were not the only one.  Here are some of the many "burns" Billy got from others who called out his nonsense:

As you can see, Billy got destroy with facts from all sides of life.  His nonsensical tweet was destroyed and with speed.  These kinds of comments cannot exist on social media.  Today we have a problem with false information or "fake news" as the former president coined.  This false information is believed by many, unfortunately.  To make the claim or even suggest that religion and science are entities that exist contrary to each other or apart from each other is absurd. It is even more absurd to claim that religion fostered nothing good and that science somehow defeats it in this endeavor when science comes from religion; the Catholic religion to be exact!  Some atheists may claim that science existed before and may name philosophers from Greece.  The problem with this assertion is that what the Greeks practiced was not science per se. They did try to figure things out in nature. However, they did so using tenacity. Tenacity in science is a primitive form of the scientific method, so to speak. Basically, it is the reliance on previous ideas, theories, or beliefs and building upon them without ever questioning them or testing them. Tenacity is well displayed in the episode of Star Trek the Next Generation entitled Thine Own Self.  

In this episode, Lieutenant commander Data who is an artificial lifeform or android is sent to the planet Barkon IV.  Due to the Prime Directive, or a law that prevents advanced civilizations from interfering with or revealing themselves to less advanced ones. This law exists to allow a less advanced civilization to naturally evolve. Anyhow, Data is on this planet which is set in a time similar to that of the pre-industrial world on Earth. The people dress and behave like those in the Renaissance period on Earth.  Data is there to recover radioactive contents from a probe that crashed on the planet. While doing so, he is damaged and suffers memory loss. Data wanders around with the radioactive contents until he enters a village.  The people believe he is some snow creature from the mountains and is afraid at first. Eventually, they trust him.  One village then sells the radioactive contents which the people use as jewelry.  Without them knowing, the contents are slowly killing them as one would expect something radioactive to do.  They get sick and believe Data cursed them with some magic. Talur, a female polymath who works as a scientist, teacher, and doctor begins to study the situation. She studies Data and the radioactive contents. However, the method she uses to study is tenacity. She relies on previous knowledge to come to conclusions. Data slowly begins to regain his memory and with that his more advanced science skills and begins to find a cure for the people who are suffering from radioactive poisoning. Talur begins to realize that her methods do not work and are primitive. Data uses the scientific method we use now which comes from Franciscan Friar Roger Bacon.  

That being stated, when atheists claim that the Greeks already had science, they are not factual. The "science" they had was tenacity based on philosophy and some empiricism. Other civilizations had and used the same method. It was Tenacity that brought Galileo into problems. When he challenged the ideas universities held, this caused friction because they followed tenacity as their method. Tenacity eventually paved the way to the scientific method we all use today. By this, I mean that scientists still use previous works of science to build new ideas on and to challenge those previous works. This is science.  Science builds upon what was there already or completely challenges, revises, or throws it out based on evidence and the facts that fit the evidence.  So that being stated, science, as we know it today, comes from the Catholic Church.  Friar Bacon formulated the method we use today which has brought about many discoveries and ideas. The Catholic Church funded science and scientists. In fact, many of her clergy and religious members worked in science. The Catholic Church runs the oldest observatory in the world!  A priest named George Lemaitre formulated Cosmic Inflation or the "Big Bang Theory" (not the comedy show)! Without these, atheist physicists like Sean Carroll, Stephen Hawking, or Lawrence Krauss would not have anything to work within their work today.  

Moreover, most of the craters on the moon and other planets are named after priests and other Catholic religious!  To claim that religion and science are enemies or that science somehow is doing more than religion is just ludicrous and shows a lack of knowledge on whoever makes such claims.  Theology along with philosophy brought about the formation of science with its inquiry methods and audacity to question the questions and seek beyond what the 5 senses show us.  

I wrote books on atheism and how science refutes it. In them, I provide information on the history of science and its Catholic roots. You can purchase them here:

For informaon on Friar Roger Bacon, OFM:

Catholic Scientists and Contributions to Science:

For Info on Tenacity:

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