Thursday, May 24, 2018

Santa Fe School Shooter is an Atheist

Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the young school shooter at Santa Fe was an atheist according to his Facebook. Under religious views on Facebook, he had "Atheist" as the response and wrote "I hate politics" under the section political views.

It seems that Pagourtzis was a closet atheist due to the fact that his lawyer claims that he and his entire family were heavily involved in in their church, a Greek Orthodox parish. He is a member of the Asperia Dance Troup of his religious community.  According to the Washington Post, Pagourtzis was bullied by fellow students and coaches at his school.  This may have caused him to take out his anger on his school violently. The trend seems similar to that of the Columbine shooters in 1999 who wore trench coats, were atheists and idolized Gothic imagery such as those found in the movie The Matrix.  He even posted an image of a black shirt that read "Born to Kill."

The "Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta has written blog posts trying to deflect attention of the fact that Pagourtzis described himself as an atheist, however, he failed to truly dissuade the facts.  The governor of Texas acknowledged that the Facebook with the details is, in fact, the real Facebook of the Santa Fe school shooter. Sometimes people create parody accounts in order to be funny.  This was not the case here. Pagourtzis clearly identified his religious views as atheist. This is not a surprise. Atheism is void of morality.  If there is no God, then anything goes. As Dostoevsky wrote, "If there is no God, then everything is my will and I must express my will."

Nothing good comes out of atheism.  This young man is clearly troubled and has a lot of hate in his heart. Atheism creates voids that are filled with hate. We can see how atheists resort to abuse all of the time. They seek to divide and promote intolerance.  Most online trolls are atheist or alleged atheists. We can see their fragile psychologies on full display.  Their bad behavior shows the damage that atheism causes to the mind, heart and soul.


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