Monday, April 2, 2018

Twitter Targets Sacerdotus

This morning without warning, my Sacerdotus account on Twitter was suspended.  I was surprised.  On Sunday, I tweeted links regarding Holy Week.  What did I do wrong?  Is this an April's Fools prank?  

Well according to Twitter Support, they claim that I posted hate against.  In other words, they claim that I violated their hateful conduct policy. They provided the offending tweets. Two of these tweets deal with health statistics and the last one deals with a historical statistic.  

As you can see, none of them qualify as hate.  Twitter is simply discriminating against religious accounts.  I appealed their decision and have not heard from them.  It seems I may have to contact a lawyer again to help me.  This time, I will have to file a lawsuit as Twitter is being abusive and violating my rights.  Not only are they violating my rights, but they are defaming me by accusing me of posting hate.  Again, these tweets have nothing to do with hate.  They are informative tweets based on available statistics.

UPDATE:  April 4, 2018:
Early today, I filed another appeal and got a message saying that my case was still open.  Within minutes, they finally replied to my first appeal stating that they will not reinstate my account and accused me of posting hate and attacking/threatening others with the tweets they classify as hate. 

Who works at Twitter?  Is this a computer who is answering these appeals and monitoring tweets?  If this is a human person, then this person is clearly stupid.  No intelligent person would interpret my tweets as hate.  

I filed another appeal and wrote this:

My account was falsely reported for hate by someone retaliating against me after he got suspended.  The tweets Twitter is classifying as hate is not hate.  They are tweets with health and history facts.  I can prove it.  The tweet about anilingus is not hate against gays or people with diseases. This tweet is just informing people of the dangers of the act of anilingus. I was citing this: 
The tweet about Atheism and Mental health rates is citing a study (I put it in quotes "Religious affiliation and suicide attempt"), here is the link for the study:

Lastly, the tweet about Atheism and highest rates of mass murders is from these articles touching on historical sources:

Please reinstate my account. As you can see, there is nothing hateful about posting facts in a tweet. I am not sure how Twitter can view facts as hate. Notice how I am not judging anyone nor making offensive statements.  These are facts on health and history.  Even @NYCgov tweeted the same information about hepatitis infection here:,

Why were they not suspended and I was?  My tweets are not hateful and my suspension is unwarranted.
I will have to contact the media and a Catholic law firm if you do not show consideration and reinstate my account.  There is no hate found in my tweets at all. The suspension you imposed is unwarranted.  You bill your network as allowing users to express themselves via free speech, yet you suspended me for sharing health and historical facts.  This is contrary to your company's vision.   Please restore my account.  

Let us see how they will respond this time.  Clearly, they are targeting religious and conservative accounts.  Last year, an employee deactivated President Trump's account on purpose. We can see that Twitter has a problem with employees who are bias and take their bias out on users. I believe this is the case with me.  My tweets are health and historical statistics.  Why did they not suspend the NYCGov account which posted the same thing? 

If Twitter does not restore my account, I will be contacting the media and lawyers to file a lawsuit against the company for infringing on my rights, religious speech, defamation and will ask for monetary damages for the loss I am facing due to the fact that I cannot tweet my Gofundme nor links to sell my books.  Their suspension of my account is totally unwarranted.  I have reported abuse against myself and others and Twitter ignored my complaints, yet they target me for tweets with health and history statistics... unbelievable. 

My account was falsely reported by a troll who was suspended a few months ago.  Apparently he thinks I got him suspended and took revenge. He tweeted this:

Please spread this post everywhere and send it to the media.  We need to fight back.

Pray for me!  I will fight this. 

Please flood Twitter with your concerns and complaints to Jack Dorsey and Del Harvey at their address and fax number:

Contact information

Our address and fax details are:
Twitter, Inc.
c/o Trust & Safety - Legal Policy
1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
Fax: 1-415-222-9958 (attn: Trust & Safety - Legal Policy)
Twitter International Company
c/o Trust & Safety - Legal Policy
One Cumberland Place
Fenian Street
Dublin 2
D02 AX07
Fax: 1-415-222-9958 (attn: Trust & Safety - Legal Policy)


  1. I am not a lawyer, but it is my understanding that these social networking sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc) are private property. As such we have no rights of membership or of speech, or any other rights other than the owners of these places give us.

    The last time I checked, a few years ago, law suit that alleged that the social networking site has violated its own rules in discriminating against people has not prevailed.

  2. Hi Bro, good to see you on here again. You are partially correct. However, Twitter is now a public entity and trades in the market as TWTR. Private or not, it does not have the right to discriminate. This is why bakeries and other private companies have been fined and sued over alleged discrimination. Moreover, it bills itself as a media for one to express ideas under free speech. When it targets certain people for what they post, they are violating their own mission statement. This would be false advertisement as well. The tweets that I posted are statistics. I even included the proof, yet they see it as a violation of their hate conduct. Clearly, there is discrimination going on. I have reported tweets threatening my life, tweets posting hate and vulgarities against Christians, Jews and Muslims and Twitter replied to me stating that there was no violation; yet my tweets posting health information and a historical fact is "hate." It does not register. Clearly, there is a bias behind the scenes. Many conservatives are also complaining that they had their accounts wiped for no reason other than supporting gun rights and Trump. Last year, an employee deactivated the president's account. This has to be addressed. Moreover, this is not the first time I was suspended. In 2013, many atheists falsely reported me and my friends triggering suspension. It was not until 2015 that they restored all of us History is just repeating itself. A lawsuit may or may not be successful, but at least it will get Twitter's attention. They use robots to address reports. This is why these suspensions make no sense. There is not a person manually reading all reports. This would be nearly impossible for a human to do. What Twitter does is set up a program to flag certain things in tweets. Then they send automated replies. Years ago, a real person actually replied. I remember messaging Zack a few times and he was helpful. However, it seems Twitter got rid of the humans and replaced them with algorithms. If I get the media and lawyers involved, this will get Twitter's attention and they will respond directly. I may not even have to take them to court. The CEO has tried to make the company better and will most likely reach out and see for himself that my tweets are harmless. As a Catholic Christian, I would most certainly prefer working it out with someone than using courts. When Twitter restores my account, I will need an assurance from them that I will not be prematurely targeted again for false accusations. If not, then I will just tweet blog links and not post statistics or personal thoughts again on the platform.

  3. You were suspended for having multiple accounts that you were using for targeting people with abusive tweets when they disagreed with you. Having been the target of your wrath, the only thing that surprised me was how long it took for Twitter to enforce their ToS.

    It doesn't matter that they are publicly traded. They discriminated based on your behavior, not your content. Considering you have been attacking atheists with your bile this long says they have been quite conservative with their application of their ToS.

    If you do get reinstated, perhaps your will take this as a lesson to actually read the Bible you seem to believe in, stop judging others, and express compassion instead of contempt.

    1. Aaron, your comment is based on either pure ignorance or acrimony. Nothing you have written is truthful. I can prove it. My account was not suspended for "multiple accounts." If you had bothered to read this post, I show the screen shot of what Twitter is accusing my account of: Violating their hate conduct policy. They cite 2 health statistics and one response to an atheist citing a historical fact. Neither of this is hateful. In fact, health organizations have tweeted the same thing using different words. Historical associations have also tweeted facts regarding atheist dictators. These were not suspended, yet I was.

      There are many possible reasons for this:

      1) Twitter is biased and targets people who they do not agree with. We have seen how Twitter has suspended religious and conservative accounts for no valid reason. This may be what is happening with me. Also, last year Trump's account was deactivated by an employee. Clearly, this shows that Twitter has an internal problem. They do target certain accounts.

      2) Trolls are mass reporting me. This has always been the issue. In 2013, trolls mass reported my account causing a permanent suspension, see:

      As you can see, I was permanently suspended in 2013. This happened after I got troll @rosarubicondior banned for harassing me. His friends retaliated and mass reported me. Since Twitter support is run by bots, it automatically banned me and disregarded my appeals because bots cannot read and think about what they read like humans do. Eventually, after many pleas in writing from friends, myself and getting a lawyer, Twitter restored my account in 2015, see:

      Then last year, Twitter suspended me again for simply stating that "gays will not stop us," see:

      I appealed and they reinstated me and suspended the guy who falsely reported my account.

      All has been fine until now. I am being falsely reported again.

  4. Because of Twitter's poor system, I even stopped replying to people and left apps to tweet my links and quotes randomly each day. I did not even know I was suspended until the app told me there was an error posting tweets. So I am fighting this injustice. I did not do anything wrong. Twitter bills itself as being a platform where people can freely express ideas, yet I cannot even post statistics or reply to someone with facts without facing problems. It is unfair. As for having multiply accounts, the accounts I have only tweet when I have a broadcast or podcast scheduled. They do not engage with anyone else. Twitter allows users to have multiple accounts. CNN, Trump, even the pope have multiple accounts. See:

    You accusation that I use multiple accounts to target others is unfounded. Only my Sacerdotus account was targeted. The other ones are intact. I do not attack atheists. What I do is criticize atheism. There is a big difference. I speak out against atheism just like atheists speak out against theism. Twitter (supposedly) allows for this as long as it does not become personal or abusive. What is scary is that I have reported tweets harassing me personally and Twitter claimed these tweets did not violate their rules. There is something wrong when an account can insult me, call me names, threaten me, lie about me and Twitter sees no violate there yet suspends me for posting statistics that other accounts have posted such as, NYCGov. There is clearly a bias going on here.

    Lastly, you have never faced any wrath from me. Please provide proof of this. Again, I have not engaged atheists on Twitter for years. After I realized Twitter allows gangs of trolls to falsely report others and suspend them, I put up my filters and did not reply to anyone who did not follow me on the social network. Apparently, this does not work either. Even if I do not tweet, they will still suspend me. The system is flawed. This is why many have left Twitter in favor of Gab. I went on there the moment it went live and it is a much better platform than Twitter. If Twitter does reinstate me, and I know it will; I will most likely abandon it and will just tweet links with carefully worded titles. I do not see Twitter as a safe platform for free speech. The people who work there are clearly biased and target certain accounts.

    I will fight this suspension with lawyers, politicians, the media and public court. This is not only a fight for me, but for you and anyone else who uses the platform and have faced an unfair suspension.

    Had I been suspended for calling atheists stupid, gays fa$gots or something, then I would accept the suspension like a man. However, I honestly did nothing wrong and have the proof. You can read the tweets. Do they look like hate to you? Is warning people about hepatitis via sex acts hate? Is citing a psychology journal hate? Is replying to an atheist about mass murderers being atheist (Stalin etc) hate? Honestly think about this. I did nothing wrong. There is no judgment in my tweets. They are statistics that I cited. They do not even come from me!

    Your judgment against me is unfair and void of the facts. Twitter is the problem, not me. Facebook is having problems now for this very reason. They do not care about their users.


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