Tuesday, September 5, 2017

DACA is Deported

The DACA program or "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" was rescinded today by President Donald J. Trump via Attorney General Jeff Sessions. DACA was introduced via the executive branch in 2012 by former President Obama. The program was meant to prevent the deportation of children of illegal immigrants who were brought here. These people obviously grew up in America and know nothing of their nation of birth.

Many find their stories heartbreaking, and rightfully so. These people did not ask to be brought here at an early age. To better the situation, Obama ordered the DACA program be put into place. Along with preventing deportation, DACA applicants would be allowed to work in the United States, but would then have to renew this permit. They were only allowed to stay in the United States for two years. However, no one wants to be deported so obviously, they all stayed here. This is where the problem begins.

Since these people stayed here, they have become a burden on tax payers. Tax payers have been forced to pay for the education, health and other expenses of these illegal immigrants. This is unjust and immoral. Many conservatives were upset when Obama instituted DACA which was a breach of federal law to begin with. Many "dreamers," or DACA receipients have taken to the streets to protest.

Some in the Catholic Church have even cried foul at President Trump for ending DACA. Cardinal Dolan and many others have joined the cause claiming that Trump's actions are inhumane. The USSCB also issued a statement condeming the action of the president.

I have countered these Catholics leaders by reminding all of what the Catholic Church actually teaches about immigration. See the photo in the tweet below:

The Catholic Church teaches that each nation has a right to protect its sovereignty and borders. Those who come as immigrants must respect the laws of the nation that is housing them. Just because "dreamers" were brought here by their parents does not mean we should reward them. Once they learned that they were illegal and became of age, they should have proceeded to change their status from illegal to legal. Many of them do not do this and want to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. Some of them have even committed crimes against Americans. Since they are undocumented, it is hard for law enforcement to locate them and prosecute them. This is just wrong. Instead of keeping illegal immigrants legal, The bishops, clergy and religious should advocate that they become legal. They should encourage parishioners who are illegal immigrants to become legal. This is the moral thing to do rather than taking a "Robin Hood" mentality to solving these kinds of problems. We cannot steal from others to help others. It is immoral.

Moreover, I come from NYC which is a very liberal and progressive town. It bothered me greatly in my college and high school years seeing friends of mine who are Puerto Rican get turned away from scholarships and other benefits in favor of illegal immigrants. How can illegal people have it easy in our nation while legal citizens are given such a hard time? This is unjust.

Some have gotten upset with me because of my tweets condemning the "dreamers" and DACA. However, they did not see what I saw in NYC nor experienced the unfairness my friends and others faced due to illegal immigrants. Furthermore, many people have suffered having their identities stolen by illegal immigrants. This is wrong. Imagine working all of your life, doing the right thing, obeying the law and you find out someone was using your social security number to live a lavish life in the shadows of the law. This is what has happened to many people I know. In Puerto Rico, birth certificates had to be reissued because Dominicans and others were stealing the identities of Puerto Ricans. Some were using the certificates and social security numbers of the deceased!

We must not let misguided compassion get the best of us. I as a rational person see black and white, right and wrong. Immigrants are all welcome here, but they must follow the laws. Moreover, the media is painting "dreamers" as kids when in fact they are young adults. Again, they are capable of applying to citizenship. What is stopping them? Do they want freebies? Do they want to live above the law? We cannot have this.

The end of DACA today does not mean lost hope for "dreamers." President Trump tweeted that he wants Congress to find a legal way to keep DACA and gave a six month timeline to do so. If they do not, he tweeted that he will revisit the issue. Clearly, Trump is not this coldhearted man the media is portraying him as. He wants to do things right and legally. While he is not perfect, we must applaud his respect for the executive branch and how it relates to the law.

Let us pray for all. I know it is hard for "dreamers," but there are better options. Living here illegally and not doing anything to change that status is wrong. Taking advantage of welfare and other benefits meant for citizens who are struggling is immoral.  Illegal immigrants need to show sincerity and do the right thing by becoming legal if they really love our nation and want their dreams realized.






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