Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump meets Pope Francis

The day finally came.  New American president, Donald John Trump had the honor of meeting the Holy Father, Pope Francis; Vicar of Christ and Successor of St. Peter.  At first, it seemed as if there was tension when both leaders met. Pope Francis is an avid advocate for immigrants, refugees and the poor.  Trump has been known to speak strongly against illegal immigrants, refugees and recently presented a budget that would cut billions to medicaid, welfare and other services that the poor rely on.

After the papal visit to Mexico, Pope Francis was asked about Trump. He said that those who insist on building walls instead of bridges are not Christian. Trump replied that it was unfair for a religious leader to place judgment on others. It is interesting to note that Pope Francis was probably not referring to Trump while on the plane since the question did not directly reference Trump.  In any event, the media and others online went into a frenzy when a photo of Pope Francis and Trump surfaced showing the pope with a "funeral face," as he often refers to it.  The pope is seen next to the US present with a sullen expression.  Immediately, tweets began to fly on Twitter comparing photos between the pope and other world leaders today's photos with Trump.  Photos with a smiling pope were chosen for the comparison for obvious reasons.

Other ignorant "right wing" advocates took to twitter to attack the pope by calling him a Marxist and erroneously claiming that the Vatican has walls in an attempt to make the pope look like a hypocrite for speaking against them  The pope and president exchanged gifts.  Trump vowed to do more to promote peace after meeting the Holy Father.


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