Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#VPDebate 2016

The one and only vice presidential debate just took place. CBS News moderator Elaine Quijano took the task of steering the discussion between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. This debate was more lively than the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In many instances, the democratic vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, interrupted Mike Pence. He took on the role as the aggressor and it made him look bad, in my opinion, and the opinion of many others.  Mike Pence did an excellent job.  He won the debate.  Pence was calm, poised and did not fall into the bait attempts by Tim Kaine.  Tim Kaine repeatedly tried to get Pence to address why Trump has not released his tax returns and also pushed to get Pence to defend Trump's statements in the past. Many believe that this may have been Pence's weakness.  He did not defend many of Trump's statements. Some even say that Pence threw Trump under the bus and was indirectly making the case for Pence 2020.  Pence represented himself well, and this came across as him distancing himself from Trump.

On the issues, Pence spoke eloquently while Kaine seemed unprepared and resorted to scripted one-liners which Pence called him out on.  Kaine was very condescending, smiling a lot and gave an air as if he was more intelligent as opposed to Pence who came off as humble and collective.  Tim Kaine really did not present anything solid in regards to the economy and other issues.  Pence clarified Trump's ideas but did not go entirely into detail.  On the topic of faith, Kaine stated that he does not believe that a public servant should push doctrine on citizens and criticized Pence's stance on abortion and a law passed in Indiana which calls for the funerals of unborn children killed in abortion.  Pence replied in an eloquent manner reiterating that human life is sacred and that a nation is judged by how it treats its weakest.    

Both sparred over Russia and Vladamir Putin with Kaine accusing Pence and Trump of calling the aforementioned a "better letter" than Obama. On nuclear weapons, Kaine accused Trump of favoring a nuclear war. Pence simply replied that Trump never said that. On taxes, Pence attacked Kaine for raising taxes in North Carolina and repeated that Trump would lower taxes while at the same time sharing his record in Indiana and how he lowered taxes and made the state better.  On the topic of immigration, Kaine kept repeating the accusation that Trump hates Mexicans and called them rapists and criminals.  Pence defended Trump stating that this was not true.  Kaine also accused Trump of wanting to deport all Mexicans.  Pence again said this was not true and stated that the targets for deportation were criminals, not all Mexicans.  Pence dismissed Kaine's accusations as "nonsense."  The moderator seemed to have been focusing on vetting Trump and did not do the same with Clinton.  She kept allowing Kaine to interrupt Pence and would interrupt Pence.    

Again, I believe Pence won the debate tonight.  He showed great debating skills and temperament. Tim Kaine came across as a contrarian troll who was trying to bait Pence.  As to whether or not this will hurt Clinton, only time will tell.  In any event, Pence's performance may help Trump, especially with those who are afraid of a Trump presidency.  With Pence next to Trump, there may be some hope that Trump will be kept in check. However, most likely, whether intended or not, Pence made a case for his own bid for the presidency and let Republicans know that there is still of having a viable candidate within the party.  I would definitely vote for Mike Pence if he were to run for president! He is very intelligent, calm, poised and firm with his Christian values.  He would make an excellent president.

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