Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy dead at 83 - Live long and prosper!

It is a sad day for the Star Trek fandom.  Leonard Nimoy, well known for portraying the logical half-human half-"Vulcan" Mister Spock has passed away at the age of 83 after battling pulmonary disease. Nimoy was a heavy smoker but had quit 20 years ago.  Despite this, the damage had already taken effect and would take his life.  He was admitted to the hospital recently after complaining of chest pains.

Mr. Nimoy was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 26, 1931.  His parents were of Ukrainian descent and were Orthodox Jews.  His father was a barber.  Nimoy had many roles during his acting career, but he is more known for portraying an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan who struggled with his dual species: Human and Vulcan. The character Spock had religious roots. Despite being a civilization of reason and logic, the Vulcans were often portrayed as being a spiritual and religious extraterrestrial race. Nimoy who was Jewish himself, incorporated a Hebrew priest's blessing called "kohanim."

The "V" shaped made by separating the middle and ring finger represents the letter shin which is the first letter for "Shaddai" a name of God, "Shalom" which means peace and "Shekhinah" which is a feminine or motherly aspect of God as creator. So all of these years, everyone was getting a subliminal Jewish blessing from "Spock" in the name of El Shaddai or Yahweh.  The irony is that I have seen on Twitter some atheists use Mr. Spock as some icon for atheism.

FASCINATING, right?  :)

As a fan of Star Trek, I am saddened by the death of Leonard Nimoy.  He was a great actor and inspired his fans to use logic, reason and faith via his portrayal of the spiritual extraterrestrial Mr. Spock.  Nimoy will be missed greatly.  I was happy to see him reprise the role in the remake of Star Trek in 2009 with a younger cast.  It seems like Leonard Nimoy was saying goodbye on Twitter.  This was his last tweet:

Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy, aka Mister Spock.  Live long and prosper!


1 comment:

  1. "The irony is that I have seen on Twitter some atheists use Mr. Spock as some icon for atheism."
    No more of an irony than it is for Christians to be using all those Pagan symbols to wish each other a happy Christmas.


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