Friday, May 9, 2014

Satan-ism Gone Wild

First homosexuality, atheism, then marijuana use, now satanism. It seems that ideologies that were deemed "bad" are now gaining steam in the public square as a "good."

In Oklahoma, over $28,000 was raised on indiegogo to erect a statue of satan after Satanists were angered that a monument of the 10 Commandments was placed on state capitol grounds.  They claim that they want to be represented as well.  A similar thing was done with atheists who made their own statue of a bench claiming to be represented on government property as well.  I guess atheism is now a religion?  The whole thing is silly to say the least.

If that is not crazy enough for you, then there is more. Chaz Stevens of Florida who claims to be a satanist but sounds more like an atheist is requesting that satanist prayers be said prior to council meetings.  This of course is a response to the ruling by the Supreme Court allowing prayer before government meetings. Chaz is no stranger to controversy regarding religion.  He had erected a monument of beer cans at the capitol building out of protest against a Nativity scene.

Chaz has a police record for credit fraud, domestic violence, and has been ordered in the past to get a mental health evaluation.  It appears that this man is not well in the head and perhaps this is just another way of his anti-social behavior attempting to present itself publicly via the mask of the first amendment.


Some people have cried foul against the Supreme Court for their decision. They have claimed that other religions should be allowed to pray before meetings, not just Christians.  The Supreme Court already addressed this in their decision:

"Finally, so long as the town maintains a policy of nondiscrimination, the Constitution does not require it to search beyond its borders for non-Christian prayer givers in an effort to achieve religious balancing. Pp. 9–18" -

There is no need to have a line up of religious leaders looking to pray before a meeting in order to have each faith represented.  This is just silly.

Lastly, if these are not wild enough, a club at Harvard university - a university founded in order to
teach religion - wants to conduct a "black mass" in the name of "academic freedom" and "education."  They are inviting a satanic group to come and perform the ritual which is a mockery of the Catholic Mass and often desecrates the Holy Eucharist while performing lewd sexual acts.

The Catholic chaplain at the school along with many others are protesting this calling this an attack against Catholicism and humanity.

These stories all deal with the issue of "freedom." From the statues to the "black mass," these people feel that they need to make these provocative moves in order protest what they feel is a favoritism on the part of the government for Christianity.  This is not the case at all.  The United States does not endorse any religion. However, this nation was built upon Judeo-Christian values and ideas.  There is no disputing this. While satanism may claim itself to be a religion, it is just a caricature movement just like atheism. It exists to take a contrarian stance to Christianity.  There is nothing good or positive about satan. Why worship this creature who is limited and has already lost the war against good?

Erecting statues of this creature is just glorifying everything it stands for, namely evil, hatred and stupidity. Lucifer may have been the "angel of light," but its light bulb was not on when it cried out "I will not serve." It gave up glory, joy, happiness for what?  Hell, torment and eternal frustration?

Moreover, Harvard must indeed be a haven for free thought and academic inquiry, but these have limits just like freedom of speech has limits where one cannot shout fire in a crowded movie theater. Academic inquiry and freedom exists to study and learn things, not promote ideas that are evil and full of hate.  The satanist cult often sacrifice human beings and other non-human animals. How is this educational?


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