Monday, July 23, 2012

Soldering "Iron Atheist"

A Twitter account @masonchain (now 2013 @ironatheist) from an Atheist recently messaged me accusing me of lying and other nonsense.  Apparently one of my blog posts struck a nerve.  The tweeter sent tweets to me today in an attempt to gain answers.  Here they are.  Mine are in black and the tweeter's are in blue.  

<<1) Everyone's born Atheist til corrupted with lies by society >>

Sacerdotus writes:

This is not possible.  In order to be an Atheist one must reject the concept of God.  Rejection is an action that must be performed after prior knowledge exists of what is about to be rejected.  In other words, one must know about the subject before voicing an opinion on it.  I cannot tell you that there is no spherical triangle in nature unless I was aware of what shapes are beforehand.  

Moreover, no one can know the internal state of anyone.  We do not know what knowledge a young baby's brain contains.  There is no way to read a baby's mind.  According to geneticists, we all have the VMAT2 gene which predisposes us to believe in God.  Atheism is not the unawareness of God.  

<<2) There are 3000 gods worshipped right now on Earth right now>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Those gods are the anthropomorphic representations of the one God from man using his limited language.  For example, you can call your mother mom.  Another may call his/her mother mommy.  The main idea is still present: you both have a mother figure.  So whatever names or descriptions man gives God, the underlining factor remains that there is a Creator.      

<<3) Ur religion alone has been entirely disproven in it's entirety having been completely disproven by science>>

Sacerdotus writes:

When?  The Catholic Church invented science as we know it.  Franciscan Friar Francis Bacon developed the Scientific Method.  Monsignor Lemaitre formulated the "Big Bang" theory.  Isaac Newton, the father of physics was a devout Catholic who valued the Bible greatly.  

<<4) Earth has been proven to be 4.5 billion years old>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Nothing has been proven.  Estimates are made based on carbon dating.  Carbon dating is not entirely accurate.  The National Foundation of Science in Miami found flaws in this system of measurement.   We do not know the original base ratio of the radioactivity in carbon from which to begin from and there is also contamination from external radioactive forces.   We believe the Earth is 4 billion years old, but we do not know this for sure.   

<<5) modern man is approx 100,000, or older, much older maybe>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Again, we do not know this for sure based on the answer in number 4.  We are still learning how to accurately date things.  For now, all we have are estimates.   

<<6) So many religions have predated other religions & faded to non existence having been made up & societies dying out with em>>

Sacerdotus writes:

The fact that religion has always existed shows man's need to look beyond this world.  Most religions are similar.  They have a God creator, a creation story and an afterlife.  How did ancient peoples come to these similar conclusions from thousands of miles apart?    

<<7) Back 1000's of years ago people made religion up to explain the world around them & the stories stuck & they evolved also>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Not true, religion has existed way before 1000 years ago.  Religion exists not to explain the world, but to explain its purpose: big difference.  

<< 8) People get brainwashed as children by families & their thinking in their brains is wired to have a codependence to a god>>

Sacerdotus writes:

No, according to geneticists we all are wired to believe in God due to the VMAT2 gene.

<<9) People cannot deal with the reality of the end of their existence & religion causes people to be in denial with delusion>>

Sacerdotus writes:

This is a claim that cannot be proven.  I never met anyone who was afraid of their existence coming to an end.  Even as an Atheist, I accepted the fact that eventually I will be gone.  I don't think anyone believes in God or religion out of fear of death.  

<<10) People who ARE religious are religious to whatever religion is geographical to them, or what they are brainwashed to>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Not always.  There are children who do not go to Church with their parents or parents who don't go but their children do.  Moreover, there are Christians in Muslim countries and Muslims in Christian ones.  

<<11) Panspermia has been proven to be the reason of where life came from & has been proven to be real by research in space>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Panspermia does not have a strong scientific backing.  If it were true, we would have found life elsewhere by now.  Moreover, if panspermia were true it still does not explain where everything came from.  This Universe has a First Cause.  Panspermia would not be that First Cause, but a cause from a prior cause.  

 <<12) People are disillusioned to thanking god for anything when there is no proof that hard work & being good are not why>>

Sacerdotus writes:

We thank God because everything exists because of Him.  People who are cured of diseases thank God because obviously no work was done by man to assist in the dramatic recovery.   

<<13) When bad things happen to good people who pray anyways, what's the point when there's no proof of any divine factor 50/50>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Bad things happen to good people because we judge it as bad.  Without pain and suffering, human beings cannot learn.  Pain and suffering are part of the human experience.  It takes a wise mind to realize the good behind bad things.

<<14) What kind of god would allow human sacrifices, or insufferable punishment by the BILLIONS unnecessarily? Unless untrue!>>

Sacerdotus writes:

Human sacrifices are the ideas of ancient peoples who thought the best gift to God was a human being.  This is not the fault of God.  


  1. Atheists seem to lack perspective and context. They may know verses, but don't understand. It's the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

  2. You have failed horribly to counter every one of his statements. You instead use deceptive language, total lies, manipulated scientific claims and obviously conditioned dodge tactics to try fooling yourself and other brainwashed readers. You really need to ask yourself why all of your responses were so deceptive. Do you yourself believe all that nonsense?...or are simply compelled to lie by higher authorities which manipulate you? ~ @freeatheism

    1. How so? You offer no proof of my supposed failure. Until you do so, your comment is nonsensical and non-reflective of reality.


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