Statement on Covid 19 or Coronavirus

Statement from Sacerdotus on Covid-19 or Coronavirus and the Catholic Church Response


Dear friends, I hope this statement finds each of you well. As you may already know, the world in the post modern age is facing a pandemic it has not faced in centuries or perhaps, ever in history. The virus Novel Coronavirus of Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise. Despite many measures to prevent its spread, the virus has managed to reached every point on the globe causing illness, death, and disruption to overall societal functions. Some of these measures have called for social distancing, excessive washing of hands, and the disruption of normal societal functions such as school and work.  While these measures are welcomed and understood to possibly be helpful on preventing the spread of the virus, measures taken by the Church has caused conflict among believers and even doubt.

Many Catholic dioceses, including that of Rome have decided to restrict Holy Communion reception, the Sign of Peace, close down church properties and even cancelled the Mass and other Liturgical functions. The rationale behind this is to prevent the spread of the virus.  We at Sacerdotus believe that this was a big error and lapse of judgment on the part of the pope and bishops. In fact, the Holy Father walked back his approval to close churches in Rome and asked that they be opened there and throughout Italy. Other areas were not as fortunate. Bishops have stood firm on their decision to keep the Catholic Church out of business, if you will.  As the pandemic spread, bishops began to suspend other Sacraments as well and have even stated that they give permission for nurses to anoint.  These acts are all an affront to the Catholic faith which we love and cherish.

We at Sacerdotus will protest these measures and push for the laity and faithful religious and clerics to push back on them.  The measures implemented present a secularized and mundane faith that no longer believes in the supernatural or God's protection.  The faith of Pope Gregory the Great, St. Charles Borromeo and others who braved plagues and never suspended Mass or feared social contact with the people has not been displayed in 2020's version of the plague. Their situation was far worse than ours today.  The decisions of our leaders have made a mockery of the Catholic faith, especially among Atheists who now feel that their views are validated.  Instead of servicing the people in time of need, the Church has went into hiding.  Faithful Catholics say like Mary Magdalene, "They have taken our Lord and we do not know where they have put Him."

Pope Francis loves to paraphrase St. John Chrysostom who said the Church is a field hospital.  What field hospital disappears and shuts down service during war and when there are many who are sick?  What about his famous line about the shepherds having the scent of their sheep?  How can you have a scent if you locked the sheep out?  The decisions implemented by our Church leaders are doing a great disservice to our Catholic faith.  Overreaction is what kills everything in life.  When a non-human animal on a road overreacts, it runs into a car and gets killed.  When people overreact, they become like savages and hurt each other.  In fact, viruses themselves are not what kill people. What kills people is the overreaction of the immune system to the presence of the foreign body.  The decision of the bishops to lock the people out is reminiscent of a fictional Episcopalian priest in the popular comic book and cable television series, The Walking Dead.  This character named Father Gabriel locks his parishioners out as the zombie apocalypse takes hold.  He was a coward and thought only of himself.  Afterwards, he lives with immense guilt after hearing the walkers or zombies attack his parishioners who sought refuge in his place of congregation. 

In response to the cowardice of our leaders and some among the religious and laity, we at Sacerdotus will continue to evangelize on and offline. We will continue to send out Rosaries and other Sacramentals and distribute them in person where social gatherings are permitted.  We will rely solely on faith in God for our protection.  Trust in God during a dangerous situation is not temptation of God.  Trust in God is not a display of snake handling.  The latter is when an alleged Christian intentionally disturbs a serpent just to prove a point.  We at Sacerdotus are not attempting to prove any point, but to preach the Gospel of Christ and the Church's teachings in season and out of season as St. Paul put it. Viruses are a part of life and can be dangerous. Our engagement in evangelization efforts is not intentionally disturbing a virus nor an attempt to prove anything.  We are simply functioning as we would on any other given day where many dangers exist, including viruses of many kinds.

We invite you to join us if you can to do this. Contact us if you are willing to join us to evangelize online and offline.  We also need your help with donations to be able to mail Rosaries and other items.  Finances are difficult to come by today with many layoffs and furloughs; however, please be generous and give what you can.  Visit to make a donation on any platform available.  Your donation can count as a gift on your taxes.

With this, we wish everyone safety and many blessings. Do not lose faith or hope.  Whether this is a warning or punishment from God or simply nature attempting to clean "herself" up, we must be focused on our faith in God and our service to others via love and compassion.  Remember the weakest among you. Check on the elderly, sick and disabled. Be mindful on children and their needs; not only physical but also spiritual and psychological.  Pray always without ceasing!

God bless + Mary keep!



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