Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The Brown Scapular


The Brown Scapular: A Symbol of Salvation and Peace

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful way to express your devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, you might want to consider wearing the Brown Scapular. This is a sacramental that consists of two small pieces of brown wool, connected by strings or cords, that are worn over the shoulders, with one piece resting on the chest and the other on the back. The Brown Scapular is a sign of belonging to the Carmelite Order, a religious family that traces its origins to the ancient hermits who lived on Mount Carmel in Israel, where the prophet Elijah encountered God in a burning bush.

The Brown Scapular has a rich history and a remarkable promise attached to it. According to tradition, in the year 1251, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock, an English Carmelite friar, and gave him the scapular as a gift. She said to him: "This shall be a privilege for you and all Carmelites, that anyone dying in this habit shall not suffer eternal fire. It is a sign of salvation, a sure safeguard in danger, and a pledge of peace and my special protection until the end of the ages." 

This promise, known as the "Scapular Promise", was later extended by the Church to all the faithful who wear the scapular with devotion and follow certain conditions. These conditions include being enrolled in the scapular by a priest, living a chaste life according to one's state in life, praying daily the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary or another Marian prayer (such as the Rosary), and wearing the scapular continuously or at least at the hour of death.

The Brown Scapular is not a magic charm or a guarantee of salvation. It is a reminder of our commitment to follow Jesus Christ with the help and intercession of Mary, His Mother and our Mother. It is also a symbol of our trust in her maternal care and protection, especially at the moment of death, when she will accompany us to meet her Son. As Pope Pius XII said: "The Scapular is a practice of piety which by its very simplicity is suited to everyone, and has spread widely among the faithful of Christ to their spiritual profit." 

UPDATE January 2024

Recently, an alleged Catholic voiced their displeasure regarding the Brown Scapular and its merits on X (formerly Twitter):

This alleged Catholic clearly does not understand what the devotion of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount carmel is all about.  

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