Sunday, February 11, 2018

Communion in Hands Satanic?

I have seen many tweets, posts on other social media, and even articles on private blogs claiming that receiving Communion on the Hand is of satanic origin. They claim that Communion on the Hand is a satanic plot meant to disrespect the Eucharist and allow for easier access so hosts can be desecrated at a church or outside of Mass in satanic "black masses."  The people making these claims are unrelenting in their claims despite not having any concrete evidence that substantiates their claims. Among them are even priests or possibly accounts pretending to be priests in order to lend some sort of credence to this claim. 

What are to make of this? Is Communion on the Hand satanic in origin? Does it make it easier for hosts to be stolen during Mass? The clear answer is NO. Communion on the Hand is not satanic in origin. It comes from Christ who said to "take and eat." Communion on the Hand is the oldest and most traditional form of receiving the sacred species. You can read more about the reception of the Holy Eucharist in this post which has more details and citations:

Granted, Communion on the Hand can and has made it easier to steal hosts during Mass, but if protocols are set into place, this will not happen. Ushers and others must be trained to keep an eye out for people who may walk off with the host still in their hand. Pastors must make it clear that when receiving Communion, the host must be consumed right in front of the priest, deacon, or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. They cannot just take and walk away. They must take, put the host in their mouth and consume right there in front of the cleric or extraordinary minister.  

Reception of the Holy Eucharist is not a matter of doctrine or dogma. It is a matter of discipline or externals. In this regard, the Church has full control and authority over it. The Church can and has changed disciplines in the past and even now. Radical Traditionalists and Traditionalists often claim the Mass cannot be changed or that altar girls, women at the altar or even extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are not permissible. They even claim these to be part of modernism. The claims they make are completely erroneous and devoid of Catholicism. They simply are not educated on the faith, the liturgy, or Church history. Instead of researching the matters at hand, they simply take the word of armchair liturgists found online who had no degrees or academic training on these topics. 

Pre-Vatican II Pope Pius XII clearly stated that the Church has the power to change or abrogate what she established. Here is the quote from the Encyclical Sacramentum Ordinis. 

Clearly, the Church established the formulas for the Mass and Sacraments. She established specific ministries like the acolyte, lector, and extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. She has also established many devotions and sacramentals. Because the Church established them, she has the power to change them or even abrogate them. The reception of Holy Communion is included in this.  Since her early days, Communion on the Hand has been the norm. It is not satanic.

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