Monday, October 22, 2018

Atheist Lawrence Krauss to Retire after Sexual Assault Claim: ASU Dean recommends Firing Him

Many men are being accused by women and other men of sexual misconduct. In many cases, these incidents are decades old. Recently, we have seen the same accusations placed against a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. Prior to this, comedian Bill Cosby was accused and sentenced to prison. All of this has occurred under the so-called "Me Too" era. As I have written before, Atheism is not immune from this. Many Atheist women have complained about their male counterparts sexually harassing and sexually assaulting them. This has gone to deaf ears among Atheist leaders. One prominent Atheist and physicist, Dr. Lawrence Krauss is among the accused. He was accused by several women of sexual misconduct and assault, see:

I was surprised that Arizona State University took no action. It seemed to me that the university was afraid to loose a person who has been a cashcow for them. Krauss' outspoken demeanor on Atheism in the name of Science has shed light on the university and the field of Physics. However, it seems that deans at the university have recommended that he be terminated. Krauss who earns $275,000 a year will be terminated and lose tenure. You can read the statement here: Krauss has lost many positions since the accusations surfaced. However, Krauss seems to want to avoid being fired by announcing that he will retire in May of 2019. This move closes the review process that was underway.

Krauss claims that the review process is unfair and would force him to be dismissed. He claims that he would have no option to have a lawyer present nor that all the evidence would be presented. The university disputed his claims calling them inaccurate. Krauss tweeted this:

Time will only tell what will happen next as to whether or not Dr. Krauss will face charges and be arrested. It seems that his career has finally come to an end. It remains to be seen if Atheist organizations will continue to invite him to speak in the name of Atheism.

All women should speak out against their abusers and let the judicial process take hold. No one is above the law. Hopefully, people tempted to the Atheism cult will see why it fosters immoral behavior.


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  1. Lawrence Krauss says he's innocent and that he's retiring to avoid a trial. What bullshit! I've met this militant atheist and he has a serious confirmation bias and strong agenda against acknowledging any scientific proof of GOD & God-incarnate, e.g. GOD=7_4 Theory (see ).

    The law of karma is as real as the law of gravity.


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